The Ceremony

Finding the right ceremony can be tricky at times. And when you are getting married in a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, you never know what you are going to get. However, if you do your research, you will find that out of all the Las Vegas Wedding Offciants, Rev. William Marcus McFarland III stands far above the rest.

Out of all of the Las Vegas Wedding Ministers, Rev. McFarland has the most unique method to emotionally verbalize his award winning ceremonies in a way which will connect with any individual. Although they are preferred by many, they can be customized to suit the needs for any Bride and Groom. Personalized vows are always a sure way to create an emotional bond as a couple.

Civil Ceremony


A civil ceremony contains no religious elements (except for what the couple may add themselves). With the number of assorted marriages taking place, many couples are opting to have a civil ceremony instead of a religious ceremony for their wedding. This allows them to include special readings, vows, symbols or wedding themes that they may not be able to include in a religious ceremony or location.



In many countries, the term religious, when used in reference to a wedding ceremony, typically means a traditional Christian wedding, which is also the basis for many non-religious, but traditional, weddings. The Bible does not actually detail any of the elements or customs of a Christian wedding, and early Christian weddings were almost certainly nothing like modern ceremonies, but the roots of many wedding traditions extend back to ancient times.

Many of these elements also appear in non-denominational yet traditional ceremonies, though it does not cater to any one religion. This is quite common for many couples who are of different religious backgrounds and/or beliefs. A non-denominational ceremony is the perfect choice for those who still want to bring God into their ceremony, as well as a few readings from the Bible, and not have the strict traditions of any certain religion. These ceremonies need foremost to reflect the desires and lifestyle of the bride and groom, but should also take into account the feeling of both families and friends as well.

Same-Sex Commitment Ceremony


A Commitment Ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for same-sex couples as well as couples of any background, religious, spiritual or civil affiliation, life style or gender preference. It is a public declaration of life-long commitment, love and dedication between two people.

Commitment Ceremonies are for those who wish to celebrate and honor their love with a formal commitment to each other without undergoing a legal marriage. It is for those who cannot marry for legal reasons, or those who simply do not wish to marry for personal reasons. It is a joyous arena for couples who want their commitment to each other to be recognized. There are no legal benefits and your decision to have a ceremony does not involve any government. Rev. McFarland is one of the few who will perform a commitment ceremony for same sex couples.

Vow Renewal


A vow renewal is a ceremony where a couple publicly re-commits to their relationship by expressing their enduring love for one another.

A sentimental rather than an official legal event, a vow renewal is a way for a couple to commemorate an important milestone, such as a major wedding anniversary or important personal milestone.

Ceremony Samples


Why are there no samples? Because one of the things that makes your Wedding Officiant so special, is not only being able to connect emotionally, but it adds an element of surprise for each couple to their day. The words that are expressed will have such a profound meaning for you and your significant other, which will then also reach out to your attending guests and spread to anyone who truly believes in love. Rev. William Marcus McFarland III has won several awards because of his emotional impact with each ceremony.


If you do not mind losing this element for your special day, feel free to contact me about my ceremony, and I will send you a sample. You may also watch any videos I have to get a first hand experience.

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Ceremony Additions


When planning your wedding there are special little additions that you can easily include to make your ceremony more memorable, or to include family and guests within the ceremony.  These ceremonies provide a special keepsake that can add to the happiness and joy of your special day!


Click this link to learn about the many additions you can include to your day.

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