Marriage Survey From Reveals Men's Attitudes On Marriage

As a Las Vegas Wedding Officiant I hear this stereotype for men very often: do men really fear commitment? Well, I have searched for hours (well, more like a couple minutes) and found a short, to-the-point article to share with the world. Please enjoy this article brought to you by your favorite Las Vegas Wedding Minister.


TV and movies would have you believe that men are commitment-phobes who fear the dreaded ball and chain, but it turns out that's just not true. According to’s 2013 Great Male Survey, 95 percent of men see marriage as a life goal, with 92 percent stating that they believe in the institution of marriage. The survey also found that 36 percent of men say loyalty is the most important trait in a mate. Additionally, just 8 percent said it's "very important" for their wife/future wife to sign a prenup. surveyed 20,000 men, asking them questions about topics such as love, sex, technology, politics and lifestyle. Click here for more results from the survey.

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