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The perfect wedding ceremony fit for any Whovian


Reverend William Marcus McFarland III is mostly known for his wedding ceremonies which are packed full of romance and compassion (you know, the mushy stuff), making it a very personable experience for each couple. His talents have been recognized year after year as being voted one of the best Las Vegas Wedding Officiants in Sin City. However, there is another side to the good Reverend that many of his clients have only seen a glimpse of; he is absolutely hilarious and full of wit!

This wittiness is nothing new to most of his friends, especially to his very close friend and wedding industry professional photographer, Kali Simon. Kali and Reverend McFarland have known each other for around 7 years. Reverend McFarland originally hired Kali as talent for an event division that he managed in conjunction with his passion for performing weddings. Upon interviewing Kali for the position he immediately recognized her vibrant personality and colorful characteristics; very bright and bubbly, friendly, cheerful and vivacious.

Reverend McFarland was aware that photography was a hobby of hers, and after several years when the opportunity was presented to find a reliable and talented wedding photographer, Kali was the first person to pop into his head. Since then they have worked alongside each other as an amazing team in and out of many wedding chapels throughout Las Vegas. Recently being sought out for their amazing talents and distinguished reputation, Kali and Reverend McFarland now work together as full-time and exclusive vendors at the beautiful, Belleza Wedding Chapel.

This year when Kali and her husband, Eric, decided that they wanted to renew their vows after 6 years of marriage, they knew right away that they wanted Reverend McFarland to perform the ceremony. Also knowing that the Belleza Wedding Chapel goes far beyond what other chapels in Las Vegas have to offer, and that it is one of the very few that uphold a very beautiful interior, it was a no brainer that Kali and Eric elected to have their vow renewal at such a prestigious location.

When Kali approached Reverend McFarland with the request of performing her ceremony, she knew that she wanted his wit and charm that she has loved since they first time they met. The discussions that led up to her special day, it was apparent that their love for their favorite television show, Doctor Who, definitely had to be a theme. Another odd request was that Kali wanted Reverend McFarland to somehow mess with her mother, taking her completely by surprise during the ceremony. She didn’t care what it was and didn’t want to know when it would happen, but it was sort of a tradition every time she saw her mother and it had to be done.

Well, the idea of creating a Dr. Who wedding was very exciting to a Whovian such as Reverend McFarland, but it was very much a challenge. Countless hours of research led him to realize that nothing like this has really been done. I mean, yes, some people have added a couple of references here and there in their personal vows, or doing a photo-op theme dressing the part, but no one seems to have never written an entire wedding ceremony crammed full with the iconic Doctor.

Reverend McFarland didn’t want to simply throw out obvious references like, “Bow ties are cool”, so he figured he would go a completely different route altogether. Instead he embarked on several more hours of research compiling actual excerpts from the much loved series, and he structured them into perfect ceremony. The following video will be a delight for many Doctor Who fans everywhere, but just as wonderfully as Reverend McFarland structured it, even a non-Whovian would agree that the words seem to capture the love that Kali and Eric have for each other beautifully.

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