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Son Dances With His Mother Suffering From ALS At His Wedding And Moved Everyone To Tears

Some people my think that I have seen it all being a Wedding Officiant in Las Vegas. The truth is that there is so much more out there that I easily get choked up about. Still to this day I will start crying durring a ceremony just because I can see how much the couple truly cares for each other. I am just that sensitive!

If I were to wittness the below video in person, I would cry just as loudly as I did watching it at home. I mean a big ugly cry. I watched the whole video and still had a wet face all the way through. Let me know if you can get though the entire video without a single tear.

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When Kristeena Rheault’s new husband Luke danced with his mom at their wedding, everyone began to cry. Luke’s mother was suffering from ALS and was wheelchair bound. But that did not keep her son from wanting to dance with her. As Mariah Carey’s “Hero” plays, Luke kneels down next to his mom so they can dance cheek to cheek. And when she is overcome by emotion, he is there to wipe away her tears.

Kristeena wrote about the moment between her mother-and-law and husband saying: “This was probably the most touching moment I have ever witnessed. When my husband danced with his mother there was not a dry eye in the house….So happy Luke got to have this moment before she passed away.”


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